Throwback to 2008…


31.12.2008 – «L’année où tout changea pour le meilleur: Huit ans en arrière, j’ai pris une décision qui changea ma vie, mon coeur et ma direction. Aujourd’hui, je désire partager avec vous ce petit bout de moi à travers ces mots sortis de mon coeur, directement après mon adoption par mon Père céleste.

The year where all has changed for the best: Eight years ago, I have made a decision which has changed my life, my heart and my direction. Today, my desire is to share with you a piece of me through these words who came out of my heart, after my adoption by my Heavenly Father.»



There are many difficult things,

In life nothing is easy.


All these things that are kept in us,

Can only harm us.

We stand against any attention,

And that’s not normal.


It was difficult for me to let go,

Fortunately, I get rid of this crisis.


I need so much to feel His love,

His presence which loosens my heart,

But doubt keeps coming,

And settles down as a sister.


I want to tell it to leave,

Go, leave and do not come back.


And this guilt that spoils me,

This forgiveness that I cannot accept

And yet my conscience tells me:

This reality is your life and you are wasting it.


You can be forgiven,

You’re not condemned to remain damned.


I need help with my problems

Because I want to get out of it

And I want this faith to grow

In my heart, in my life

And let it be my line of sight.


I go out of my bed to live my life

And to show with whom I bind myself.


For love, forgiveness and all these gifts

(That) it is good do not to have to deserve them,

There are so big,

Majestic, wonderful and shared.


Thank you Lord for your kindness,

I still have a hard time to realize.


† Army of One †


Lion of the King

 Prenez toujours la foi comme bouclier: il vous permettra d’éteindre toutes les flèches enflammées du Mauvais. (Ephésiens 6.16)

With all of these, take the shield of faith, with which you will be able to quench all the flaming arrows of the evil one. (Ephesians 6.16)

Une armée, une nation,

S’est vue déposer sur ses épaules d’enfant,

D’un geste rempli d’amour et de passion,

Le plus beau des vêtements.

C’est l’armure du Salut et du pardon,

Parfumée de grâce et de paix.

Cette Armée d’une seule autorité sans nom,

Transporte un espoir visant tout respect.

Son Roi est grand,

Il gagne tous les combats.

Ses plans sont parfaits et gratifiants,

Il ne manque aucun pas.

Ses désirs sont indétrônables,

Car Son nom est Tout-Puissant,

Ses pensées sont impénétrables,

Car Son nom est imposant,

Ses créations sont imprenables,

Car Son nom dépasse tous Noms.


An army, a nation,

Have placed on his children’s’ shoulders

With a gesture full of love and passion,

The most beautiful clothing.

This is the armor of the Salvation and Forgiveness,

Fragrant of grace and peace.

This army is under the authority of a singular name.

It carries hope with all respect.

This King is great,

He wins all the battles.

His plans are perfect and rewarding,

He never misses a step.

His desires are unbeatable,

Because His name is Almighty

His thoughts are impenetrable,

Because His name is stately,

His creations are stunning,

Because His name is beyond all names.

Enfin, puisez votre force dans l’union avec le Seigneur, dans son immense puissance.

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his power.

Ephesians 6.10

Priez pour l’ensemble du peuple de Dieu

Always persevere in supplication for all the saints

Ephesians 6.19

I was lost but you found me


҉ I was lost but you found me  ҉

You found me

and show me compassion


You found me

and gave me a purpose


You found me

and gave me peace


You found me

and gave me hope


You found me

and gave me water


You found me

and gave me strength


Lord, you found me in such a good time.


You have always found me.


You weren’t listened.


And now never again I have felt alone,

And now your constant presence keep me warm,

And now my heart is full of joy,

And now my soul feel safe,

And now my spirit is open,

And now my eyes really see,

And now I know what is true love.


«For thus says the Lord: Only when Babylon’s seventy years are completed will I visit you, and I will fulfill to you my promise and bring you back to this place. For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope. Then when you call upon me and come and pray to me, I will hear you. When you search for me, you will find me; if you seek me with all your heart, I will let you find me, says the Lord, and I will restore your fortunes and gather you from all the nations and all the places where I have driven you, says the Lord, and I will bring you back to the place from which I sent you into exile.» Jeremiah 29:10-14 NRSV

Mon rêve pour toi ҉ My dream for you

Mon enfant,

J’ai des rêves pour toi.

Non de malheurs, ni de terreurs,

Mais grands et pleins de douceurs,

Car je t’ai choisi, toi, mon choix.


Je ne t’ai pas créé par hasard.

Je t’ai désiré bien avant ta naissance.

Je ne t’ai pas conçu en retard.

Non, tu as été façonné avec une pleine conscience.


Suis-moi mon enfant.

Laisse-toi guider par ma voix.

Cherche ma présence à tout instant.

Je veux te montrer la voie, celle que j’ai dessinée pour toi.


Celle encrée au plus profond de ton cœur.

Celle qui remplit tes désirs.

Celle qui te conduira sans crainte et sans peur,

Sur la route que seul toi peux saisir.


Car je t’aime d’un amour infini,

Indescriptible et indestructible.

Je veux que tu te sentes à ta place et accompli,

Et qu’au monde tu sois visible.


Mon enfant, tu es ma fierté.

Mon rêve est que tu fasses usage,

De tes dons, ceux que je t’ai donné,

Et que je souhaite que tu partages.



Je ne ferai jamais de trêve.

Je serai toujours à tes côtés.

Du crépuscule à l’obscurité,

Je tracerai les pas, un à un, sur le chemin de ton rêve.


My child,
I have dreams for you,
None with misfortunes or fears,
But great and full of sweetness,
because I chose you, you, my choice.

I haven’t created you by coincidence,
I have desired you before your birth,
I haven’t conceived you late,
No, I shaped you fully conscious.

Follow me my child,
Let me guide you by my voice,
Look for my presence at anytime,
I want to show you the way, the one I have drawn for you,

The one rooted deeply in your heart,
The one who fills your wishes,
The one who will lead you without fear and dread,
On the way that only you can embrace.

Because I love you with an infinite love,
Indescribable and indestructible.
I want you to feel being at ease and accomplished,
And visible to the world.

My child, you are my pride.
My dream is that you make use of your gifts,
Those that I gave you,
And that I wish you to share.

Believe me,
I will never do respite,
I will always be by your side,
From twilight to the darkness,
I will mark out by my footprints, one by one, the way of your dream.

A toi seul mon Dieu/To you alone my God

Je ne te remercierai jamais assez:
Dans ta persévérance,
Tu m’as trouvé et accepté,
avec mes imperfections et tendances.

Sans toi je ne serais pas là, 
sans toi je n’aurais pas cette force, 
celle d’accepter cet autre moi, 
celui qui a subi ce divorce. 

Tu as su remplir mes manques, 
Me redonner de l’assurance. 
Tu m’as sorti de ma planque, 
et redéfini selon tes exigences.

Oui Seigneur, 
avec toi je suis quelqu’un. 
Je suis devenue ton enfant, ta fille.
Plus un simple pantin, 
Ni juste une guenille. 

Car tu es mon concepteur. 
Tu m’a créé selon tes plans,
Désiré et attendu avec ardeur,
Avec patience et un amour constant. 

Tu n’es pas juste Seigneur, 
Tu es aussi un père et un confident. 
Tu es l’accompagnateur, 
De mes pas et de mon vivant.

Alors à toi mon Dieu protecteur,
Créateur de l’Univers et des étoiles,
A toi mon consolateur, 
Mon Dieu de grâce et de pardon,
A toi, être si proche et sans voile,
Mon unique et saine addiction,
A toi mon Dieu si élégant et éminent,
Mon tout suivra les fils de ta toile,
Car je me dédie, à toi seul mon Dieu, jusqu’au firmament.


I could never thank you enough:
With perseverance,
You found me and accepted me,
With my imperfections and tendencies.

Without you I couldn’t be here,
Without you I couldn’t have this strength,
Which makes me accept this other part of me,
Who suffered the separation.

You knew how to fill the gaps,
And give me confidence,
You helped me get out of my hiding place,
And redefined me in accordance to your will.

Yes Lord,
With you I found myself.
I became your child, your daughter.
No longer a mere puppet,
Or a rag.

Because you are my designer.
You created me with a plan,
Desiring and waiting for me eagerly,
With patience and constant love.

You are not only Lord,
You are also father and confidant.
You are the companion,
In my steps and in my entire life.

So to you, my God, my protector,
Creator of the Universe and stars,
To you my comforter,
My God of grace and forgiveness,
To you who are so close and without disguise,
My one and only healthy addiction,
To you my God so elegant and exalted,
All my person will follow the thread of your canvas,
Because I am dedicated to you, my only God, to the end of time.

By Doria.S.Jeanne – 2015

In all circumstances…

In all circumstances, I will love you – I choose you for you chose me before

In all circumstances I will love you
My heart is not mine, it is yours
For you have saved it, protected it and healed it.
For my life is not my own but yours,
God you are MORE than everything, for you are above everything.

In all circumstances I am yours
My mind is turning to you
My thinking is not focused anymore on my need,
For I have already found it,
My thoughts are for you, for your eyes see all the nations.

Yes my Lord, in all circumstances I will follow you
My way is your way
My plans and my dreams are yours
For my destiny is in your hand,
You are my beloved creator, my beloved Father.

In all circumstances I will stand
For my strength comes from you
My boldness is the truth that I have found in you
I found you, I will never leave you,
Forever and ever I am yours.