There is more

I believe

That my perspective of the world is just a parcel of the whole picture

That I am part of a chain that is moving and growing over the nations

That there is always hope

That the greatest power is called “loved”

That my time is worth more than a second, minute and hour


I believe that I am here on this earth for a reason

That my life is valuable and is worth to live

That a smile can change the circumstances of someone

That the atmosphere can change in a fraction of second


There is a light who overcome darkness


There will be one day

We will see

We will be

We will love

We will live

All as one in One

In His truth

On the way that He has showed us

In the life that He has called us to shine

Don’t give up, life is worth the chance to live

Don’t give up, you are valuable

You are also a link of the chain

Believe me there is more than just what you can see


Mon rêve pour toi ҉ My dream for you

Mon enfant,

J’ai des rêves pour toi.

Non de malheurs, ni de terreurs,

Mais grands et pleins de douceurs,

Car je t’ai choisi, toi, mon choix.


Je ne t’ai pas créé par hasard.

Je t’ai désiré bien avant ta naissance.

Je ne t’ai pas conçu en retard.

Non, tu as été façonné avec une pleine conscience.


Suis-moi mon enfant.

Laisse-toi guider par ma voix.

Cherche ma présence à tout instant.

Je veux te montrer la voie, celle que j’ai dessinée pour toi.


Celle encrée au plus profond de ton cœur.

Celle qui remplit tes désirs.

Celle qui te conduira sans crainte et sans peur,

Sur la route que seul toi peux saisir.


Car je t’aime d’un amour infini,

Indescriptible et indestructible.

Je veux que tu te sentes à ta place et accompli,

Et qu’au monde tu sois visible.


Mon enfant, tu es ma fierté.

Mon rêve est que tu fasses usage,

De tes dons, ceux que je t’ai donné,

Et que je souhaite que tu partages.



Je ne ferai jamais de trêve.

Je serai toujours à tes côtés.

Du crépuscule à l’obscurité,

Je tracerai les pas, un à un, sur le chemin de ton rêve.


My child,
I have dreams for you,
None with misfortunes or fears,
But great and full of sweetness,
because I chose you, you, my choice.

I haven’t created you by coincidence,
I have desired you before your birth,
I haven’t conceived you late,
No, I shaped you fully conscious.

Follow me my child,
Let me guide you by my voice,
Look for my presence at anytime,
I want to show you the way, the one I have drawn for you,

The one rooted deeply in your heart,
The one who fills your wishes,
The one who will lead you without fear and dread,
On the way that only you can embrace.

Because I love you with an infinite love,
Indescribable and indestructible.
I want you to feel being at ease and accomplished,
And visible to the world.

My child, you are my pride.
My dream is that you make use of your gifts,
Those that I gave you,
And that I wish you to share.

Believe me,
I will never do respite,
I will always be by your side,
From twilight to the darkness,
I will mark out by my footprints, one by one, the way of your dream.