There is more

I believe

That my perspective of the world is just a parcel of the whole picture

That I am part of a chain that is moving and growing over the nations

That there is always hope

That the greatest power is called “loved”

That my time is worth more than a second, minute and hour


I believe that I am here on this earth for a reason

That my life is valuable and is worth to live

That a smile can change the circumstances of someone

That the atmosphere can change in a fraction of second


There is a light who overcome darkness


There will be one day

We will see

We will be

We will love

We will live

All as one in One

In His truth

On the way that He has showed us

In the life that He has called us to shine

Don’t give up, life is worth the chance to live

Don’t give up, you are valuable

You are also a link of the chain

Believe me there is more than just what you can see


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